gebr. THEIN Kontrabassposaune

Photo Credit: Fred Cattroll
  • THEIN Contrabass Trombone “Universal” model
  • 2 Hagmann Valves #20383/383
  • Bell in gold brass with nickel silver “Kranz”
  • Cut bell
  • Tuning slide in yellow brass with Belcanto Balancer
  • Nickel silver slide
  • Long water key
  • Hand support
  • Changeable leadpipe
  • Lacquered
  • THEIN BREMEN No. 5752
  • Mastersign
  • Shipped in original THEIN reinforced cardboard box

Included in the sale:

  1. THEIN Contrabass Trombone serial number 5752
  2. THEIN MCFL gold plated mouthpiece
  3. THEIN Marcus Bona case
  4. THEIN K&M contrabass trombone stand
  5. THEIN gold plated slide handle necessary for the Bartok Concerto for Orchestra solo glissando
  6. Mahogany contrabass trombone Straight Mute by Tools4Winds
  7. Instrument is in pristine condition

Inquiries to Douglas Burden

  • Email:
  • Phone or Text to +1 613-296-9424

Shipping, Handling, and Insurance in addition to the agreed upon selling price.

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