This is THEIN

About THEIN Brass

Welcome to THEIN Brass. In our workshop in Bremen we manufacture your instrument with heart and soul. Max Thein and Olav Brandt manage the company with passion, skill and a long tradition. Handcrafted THEIN instruments are played by musicians and amateurs all over the world. With the pursuit of the highest quality, we want to make your sound shine.

The THEIN Team

The masters of brass instrument making Max Thein and Olav Brandt form the dual leadership of THEIN Brass. They gather a team of employees who strive with their skills, in a family atmosphere to offer you the highest quality.

Personal exchange with you is important to us.

Max Master, owner
Olav Master, owner
Sarah Office
Gesa Office
Jana Office
Ida Handcrafting of Instruments
Kevin Handcrafting of Instruments
Tabea Handcrafting of Instruments
Sumito Handcrafting of Instruments
Maike Handcrafting of Instruments
Lucia Handcrafting of Instruments
Marlon Handcrafting of Instruments
Felix Handcrafting of Instruments
Thea Handcrafting of Instruments
Frank Handcrafting of Instruments
Jacqueline Trainee at handcrafting of instruments
Momi Trainee at handcrafting of instruments

The THEIN Brass Workshop

Since 1972 THEIN Brass has been manufacturing its instruments in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. On the ground floor with its open window front you find the THEIN Brass workshop where we build, repair, clean or up-date your instrument.

The showrooms for THEIN instruments, mouthpieces, accessories and instruments from other brands are located on the upper floor. Here you have enough space to test instruments and get advice to make a good choise.

In the founding years, the brothers Max and Heinrich Thein started to build the THEIN instruments in the historic “Schnoor”-District of Bremen. A lag of space for a growing team led to a change of location. In 1993 THEIN moved to an impressive parsonage from 1834 in Bremens “Remberti”-District. With the transfer of ownership from Heinrich Thein to Olav Brandt, THEIN Brass moved to the current company building.

Come by and experience the THEIN “Instrument Heaven” as our showrooms are called by friends and customers.

The History of THEIN Brass

THEIN Brass was founded in 1972 by the brothers and masters of brass instruments Heinrich Thein and Max Thein. As early as 1971 they began designing, developing and building fine brass and percussion instruments in the historic “Schnoor”-District in Bremen. They developed a complete brass collection from the piccolo trumpet to the tuba, from the trombone to the french horn, all master instruments and often personally adapted to the musician. Listening to the musicians ideas and creating “works of art for the artists” was and is the principle of THEIN Brass.

Max and Heinrich come from an old music instruments making family in Bremen. Famous pianos such as the “Mascagni”-model, which was the piano of the “Titanic”, were developed by THEIN for private and international customers and cruise ships. For their outstanding work of the THEIN brothers they received several awards in the field of arts and crafts.

Following their motto “Customers become Friends”, THEIN Brass started successful collaborations with great artists and orchestras. From Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Zachary Bond, Ben van Dijk and Matthias Höfs up to the New York Philharmonics, German Brass and Andre Schoch (Berlin Philharmonics) – appreciate their competence and service.

In order to avoid longer delivery times and to make more capacities available, Max and Heinrich Thein enlarged their team of instrument makers. In 1993 the company moved to a new building in Bremens historic “Remberti”-District. With the transfer of ownership from Heinrich Thein to Olav Brandt, THEIN Brass moved 2014 to the current company building.

Olav Brandt has been the new co-owner since October 2015 and replaced Heinrich Thein in the joint management with Max Thein. Olav Brandt had already been involved for years as a workshop master in further developing the high quality standards.