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Contrabass Trombone in Bb with Double Slide

Model Description

The THEIN Contrabass Trombone in Bb/F with double slide enables the player to use the same slide positions as with a bass trombone. The lower range is a bit difficult to play takes getting used to.

For a bass trombonist, it is easier to change to a F-Contrabass trombone then to the Bb/F with double slide.

THEIN recommends a mouthpiece with a smaller cup-diameter (size of a bass trombone mouthpiece).

Technical Details

  • Key: Bb/F
  • Valve: 1 Standard Rotor
  • Valve bows in gold brass
  • Bell-ø: 270 mm / 10-5/8“
  • Bell-rim: 20 mm / 0.788 nickel silver Kranz
  • Material: gold brass
  • Wall thickness: 0.50 mm / 0.020”
  • Tuning slide: gold brass with dragon ornaments and acorn
  • Slide: nickel silver with water key in “Super Sound Quality”
  • Bore: 14.9 mm / 0.587”
  • Lead pipe: changeable
  • Finish: lacquered
  • THEIN Mouthpiece recommendation:  THEIN M2