Instruments Made in Heaven

Repair & Maintenance

As a German master company, we offer repair and maintenance of various instruments. With the right tools, our long experience and the necessary patience, almost anything is possible. Removing dents, make valves and slides run smoothly, repair damage or adjust flaps – we have the “know-how”!

Repair and maintenance for your instruments

As a German master company with 50 years of experience, we are commitet to quality to the highest degree.We offer you repair and maintenance of your instruments.

From the pure rebuilding of playability, the annual maintenance service, to the complete restoration of your “Darling”. We can also offer you the production of new valves for your defective and leaky ones at THEIN.

This Service includes

  • Annual maintenance service
  • Rebuilding of playability
  • Dent removal, cleaning and more
  • Eliminate corrosion
  • make the trombone slide run smoothly
  • Repair damage caused by fall-downs
  • new building of your damaged valves
  • Restoration of your Instrument