Model description

This universal THEIN piston trumpet can be ordered in all four basic tunings (E- / Eb- / D- and C). With a separately purchased conversion-set, the instrument can be converted into the other tunings. These conversion-sets are perfectly voiced and are adapted to each individual instrument.

This has the advantage for the player to hold the same instrument in his hands in all 4 tunings, with the same approach and feeling.

A combination of heavy caps and the rim on the bell create a very good core and separation of the tones.

Matthias Höfs wanted a trumpet for the Hayden concert with the advantages of an Eb-Trumpet but the volume of a Bb-Trumpet. This instrument was equipped with special properties such as the 4th valve, which brings significantly more mass into the instrument.

The conversion to a C-Trumpet is easy. The big advantage is that the feeling and handling remain the same in every tuning. It sounds even, free and open and has always an easy response.

With the 4th valve you have the tone range of the Bb trumpet (great low range to extremely easy high range), so that Matthias Höfs also likes to use it for special Bb-Trumpet parts.

Technical specifications

  • Valves: 4 Piston valves
  • Bore: 11.50 mm / 0.453”
  • Bell: changeable
  • Bell-ø: 120 mm
  • Bell rim: french
  • Wall thickness: 0.40 mm / 0.016”
  • Material: yellow brass
  • Trigger: 1. and 4. valve, intonation ring at 3. slide
  • Lead pipe: changeable
  • Finish: lacquered, silver plated, gold plated
  • THEIN Mouthpiece recommendation: THEIN 1 ½ CF, THEIN 3CF