Bass Trombones German Models

Old German Style „Friedman“ – Model

Model Description

The THEIN Bass Trombone in Bb/F/ Gb “Old German Style” was developed with Jay Friedman (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) as part of the project “Old German Style, Alto, Tenor, Bass Trombone”. A historical “Kruspe” tenor trombone in brass without tuning slide and without valve served as a template.

This instrument is our “most German” THEIN bass trombone in terms of sound and playability. The German slide positions have been adapted to the modern slide positions.

A real, romantic bass trombone.

The sound is rich in overtones and vocal with an earthy touch.

Technical Details

  • Key: Bb/F/Gb
  • Valve: 2 Standard Rotor
  • Bell-ø: 250 mm / 9-27/32“
  • Bell-rim: 80 mm /3.150“  nickel silver Kranz with sea shell ornaments
  • Material: yellow brass
  • Wall thickness: 0.35 mm / 0.014“
  • Tuning slide: yellow brass with “Old German Style“- Dragon Ornaments
  • Slide: nickel silver
  • Bore: 13.9 / 14.4 mm, 0.547“ / 0.567“
  • Lead pipe: changeable
  • Finish: lacquered
  • THEIN Mouthpiece recommendation:  THEIN M2