Cornet Cornet in Bb

Cornet in Bb „Berlin“ – Model

Model description

The THEIN Cornet in Bb “Berlin”-Model is the latest development with Andre Schoch in the THEIN cornet family. It is characterized by its extraordinary speed and projection combined with the typical cornet sound in the orchestra.

After the end of the classical period the French horn had emerged as the main instrument from the large family of various horn instruments. But then there was a lack of a real conical soprano instruments. The invention of the Perinet valves at the beginning of the 19th Century in France lead to the development of a “cornet à piston”. The key was A and Bb, more or less the today’s main trumpet key. This type became very popular and spread fast. Trumpet players soon became also “Cornetists”.

Technical specifications

  • Valves: 3 Piston valves
  • Bore: 11.50 mm / 0.453”
  • Bell-ø: 122 mm / 4.805“
  • Bell rim: French
  • Wall thickness: 0.45 mm  / 0.018”
  • Material: yellow brass
  • Lead pipe: optionally with cornet or trumpet shank
  • Finish:     gold lacquered, silver plated
  • THEIN Mouthpiece recommendation: THEIN 1 ½ C, THEIN HC-1 ½ C, THEIN C3-1C