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instruments of the highest quality.

With handcrafted techniques and absolute precision, THEIN Brass in Bremen creates instruments with inspiration. With the fineness of millimeters and the force of the hammer, the sounds are designed that lead to the worldwide success of the instruments.

Made In Heaven

THEIN Instruments

Brass instruments of THEIN Brass brand meet the highest quality standards and are played almost everywhere in the world. We build a wide range of brass instruments to meet any customer’s needs. Our models are constantly under development. Due to the modular construction, the instruments can be updated even after many years. Besides the instruments of the trumpet and trombone family, THEIN Brass also builds triangles and brass instruments in authentic, historical construction and material.

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Our services

As a craft business with many years of experience in the market, we want to see our customers walk out the door with a smile on their face. We can achieve this well with our skills and range of services – buying or renting a new instrument with the best advice, repairing or servicing the existing instrument or selling it on behalf of the customer. Feel free to make your own impression.

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About THEIN Brass

In our manufactory in Bremen we manufacture your instrument with heart and soul. With skill and passion Max Thein and Olav Brandt lead the musical instrument manufacturing company with a long tradition. Handmade THEIN instruments are played by orchestra musicians and amateurs worldwide. Striving for the highest quality, we want to make your sound shine.

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Thein Artists

THEIN Brass has been working with outstanding musicians and masters of their instruments since 1972. Together we creat the perfect sound. We develop instruments and listen with joy when our THEIN Artists make them sound on the world’s stages.

Preloved Works of Art

Instruments offers

Are you looking for a used wind instrument? Then you are also in the right place with this desire at THEIN Brass. The offered instruments are usually customer instruments, which we sell by order. You are welcome to try out the instruments in Bremen and feel whether they suit you. Please make an appointment with us and let us advise you.

We will gladly send the instrument to your home. We will only charge you a cleaning fee and the postage costs.

Have a look around, browse through the offers and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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