Instruments Made in Heaven

Handcrafting of Instruments

Since 1972 we have been hand crafting trumpets, trombones and our famous triangles with the power of fire and the sun in our hearts.
With manual techniques and absolute precision, THEIN Brass manufactures instruments with inspiration. The THEIN-Sound is created with the preciseness of the millimeters and the force of the hammer.

Handcrafting of THEIN Instruments

Take your time and discover the secret of THEIN instruments. You may discover in the brilliant sound, the care and love we put into every single instrument.

At THEIN Brass, handcraft ensures that every instrument is of the same high quality. That is our principle. The amateur should receive the same quality as the “Super Professional”.

This Service includes:

  • Hand crafting of THEIN Instruments
  • Hand crafting of THEIN special-models
  • Up-dating of your THEIN Instrument
  • Adaptation of THEIN instrument models to the physical conditions of the musician