Model Description

The THEIN Cimbasso in F has been continuously developed since the mid-80s. The sound follows on seamlessly from the valve trombone set that was played in Verdi’s time. It opens up the low range and still remains slim and flexible. Individually adapted lead pipes for tuba and trombonists ensure that both players are perfectly able to play the Italian opera passages.

The musical experience we gained during the development of the Cimbasso inspired the project “Brass instruments in the authentic performance practice of Italian opera music”. The THEIN Tenor and Bass Valve Trombones and a set of AIDA-Trumpets were created in the course of this project.

The special sound of the Italian brass, with their slim, playful and lively sound that is bright and warm, is created with this THEIN instrument set.

Simply pure emotions! Let yourself be inspired.

Technical Details

  • Key: F
  • Valve: 5 Standard Rotor (5. Valve = 1 ¼ Tone)
  • valve bows in gold brass
  • water key in “Super Sound Quality”
  • endpin stand
  • knee rest
  • Bore: 14,9 mm / 0587“
  • Lead pipe: changeable
  • Bell-ø: 270 mm / 10-5/8“, with cut-bell
  • Bell-rim: 20 mm / 0.788 nickel silver Kranz
  • Material: gold brass
  • Wall thickness: 0,50 mm / 0.020“
  • Tuning slide: gold brass acorn
  • Trigger: 2. Valve slide (optional more Triggers possible)
  • Finish: lacquered
  • THEIN Mouthpiece recommendation:  THEIN Cimbasso, heavy