Célestin Guérin

Celestin Guerin is a french trumpet player known for his passion and dedication to his craft. Currently serving as Principal Trumpet of the Paris Orchestra, conducted by Klaus Mäkelä, Celestin has established himself as a respected figure in the world of trumpet playing.

Throughout his musical journey, Celestin has achieved notable milestones, including winning the second prize at the ARD International Competition in Munich. This recognition has allowed him to further develop his skills and pursue exciting opportunities.

Celestin has had the privilege of being featured as a soloist with multiple ensembles, performing not only traditional repertoire but also compositions that were dedicated to him. He has thoroughly enjoyed this experience and it has greatly enriched his musical journey.

Furthermore, Celestin is a founding member of the NoSlide Sextet, an ensemble that pushes the boundaries of brass music. Their innovative approach and unique sound have garnered recognition and a dedicated following.

Beyond his performances, Celestin is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring musicians. He regularly conducts master classes in Japan and teaches at various summer academies, nurturing young talent and fostering a love for music.