Peter Körner

Associate Prof. Dr. Peter Körner teaches at the Conservatory of Uludag University Bursa (TR).Born in Warendorf in 1974, he began taking trombone lessons at the age of 16. Oliver Siefert from the RSO Frankfurt prepared him for his later studies in Weimar and then in Munich.

The very different schools of his two teachers Armin Bachmann and Wolfram Arndt have shaped him to this day in such a way, that he adapts a wide variety of teaching methods and styles and transforms them into his own. He was influenced, for example, by Branimir Slokar (Freiburg), Michael Mulcahy (Chicago) or Tobias Füller (Düsseldorf). Peter teaches his students at the Conservatory of the Uludag University Bursa and its affiliated special music high school in this versatile way.

Peter Körner was a faculty member of the Bilkent Music Department and deputy solo trombonist at the Bilkent Symponie Orchester (TR).In August 2016 he was appointed Associate Professor at the Conservatory of Uludag University Bursa (TR). With THEIN Brass, Peter Körner helps develop trombone models and mouthpieces.

In addition, Peter Körner writes books and articles. Per example his doctoral thesis on breathing techniques or his book “World of the Alto Trombone” written with Heinrich Thein (published March / 2015 – Edition Martin Schmid).

Peter Körner plays exclusively THEIN Trombones.